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Boss Women: A platform for everyone to have a voice

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The concept of an evening in with boss women is to create a platform for everyone to have a voice, share their experiences from their own journey and learn from others. We all take care of ourselves physically but we neglect our mind. We can only give a 100% when we are at a 100%. The event is based on evolving and socialising with people whom we don’t normally have in our circles, a great way to learn and empower ourselves.

A concept to get Northern women to share their experiences and celebrate the greatness in each other. An evening of learning, engaging with women from all different sectors. An evening to be inspired and inspire.

Whether you are a brand owner, a lady of leisure or a mum juggling life we can all in some way inspire someone, come away feeling more in love with yourself

Our Amazing

Guest Speakers

Dr Erinma Bell MBE

“A sculpture made from melted down seized guns was unveiled on 26th of january 2017 to honour inuential peace activist Dr Erinma Bell MBE DL.”

Erinma co-founded the Community Alliance for Renewal, Inner South Manchester Area (CARISMA) to oer life chances for young people by giving them positive alternatives to street and gun crime. She was awarded an MBE for voluntary services to the community in 2008 and she has been made a Deputy Lieutenant of Greater Manchester in 2011. She is the subject of the opening chapter of Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s book ‘Britain’s Everyday Heroes’, and recognised as one of the most inuential people in Greater Manchester. A  otary Peace Fellow and sits on the North West Regional Committee of Crimestoppers, UK.

Hanna Miraftab

Owner of Kiln Lane Dental. Hanna is an extremely successful Cosmetic Dentist as well as a cast member of The Real Housewives Of Cheshire.

Hanna has kindly offered to take time from her super busy life to share with us her journey of balancing family life, career as a cosmetic dentist and what its like to be on ITV’s The Real Housewives of Cheshire that is viewed by over 560,000 people.

Mari Rostern

Having worked for Selfridges, Mari has opened her own results-focussed, specialist skin clinic located at the heart of Greenmount village.

Mari will share with you her specialist knowledge in skincare, health and running a thriving business.

Misba Khan

Rising star award winner, Misba was made a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellow for her role in the Women’s Euro-Arabian North Pole Expedition 2018

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust is a UK based organisation that awards a number of Fellowships each year to those who are embarking on travel that will enable them to bring back knowledge and experience that will be of benet to UK society.

Zoya Imtiaz

Founder of Angelic Desserts
2018 Asian Wedding Award Winner

Zoya is an inspiring 18 year old who is balancing work experience and a super successful cake and dessert business to the Nation. She supplied many celebrities at such an early age, and while still at college doing her A Levels.

Fatimah Vadia

Fatima is an award nominated make-up artist who rose to even greater stardom working with victims of acid attacks, most famously the young Manchester student Resham Khan who was randomly attacked in London.

This act, which horrid the nation was National news at the time. Hear the harrowing story and the amazing resilience of the human will and how in Fatimah’s words #beautyiseveryonecampaign.

Learn what drives Fatimah, and hear her advice to like-minded individuals who have a passion for change.