An Evening With

Boss Women 2

An evening of Empowerment

Boss Women: A platform for everyone to have a voice

The concept of an evening in with boss women is to create a platform for everyone to have a voice, share their experiences from their own journey and learn from others. We all take care of ourselves physically but we neglect our mind. We can only give a 100% when we are at a 100%. The event is based on evolving and socialising with people whom we don’t normally have in our circles, a great way to learn and empower ourselves.

A concept to get Northern women to share their experiences and celebrate the greatness in each other. An evening of learning, engaging with women from all different sectors. An evening to be inspired and inspire.

Whether you are a brand owner, a lady of leisure or a mum juggling life we can all in some way inspire someone, come away feeling more in love with yourself

Our Amazing

Guest Speakers

Venetia Archer

The founder of Ruuby a London based beauty concierge. @ruubyapp

Kinda like the uber for beauty, clients can order salon services from Ruuby and receive services in their home within 60 minutes! 

Venetia studied international relations at university and ended up going straight into work as an analyst when she graduated.

 Loving what she did, she then ended up focusing on Somali piracy at its height in 2012. She ended up moving to Nairobi for a while to get closer to the action. Once she had returned to London, Realising that companies like Uber & Deliveroo where shaping the way we live, Venetia started to think of other businesses that could benefit from the same technology.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, and so working as part of a larger organisation that she didn’t feel wholly invested in wasn’t as fulfilling as she had liked. Working in Nairobi was slightly different – it gave her a taste of managing her own professional agenda, and as a result when she had returned to “normal” work, it led her to think about what she could do on her own. Venetia loved the idea of creating something from scratch, and despite the challenges and uncertainty.

Hanna Miraftab

Owner of Kiln Lane Dental. Hanna is an extremely successful Cosmetic Dentist as well as a cast member of The Real Housewives Of Cheshire.

Hanna has kindly offered to take time from her super busy life to share with us her journey of balancing family life, career as a cosmetic dentist and what its like to be on ITV’s The Real Housewives of Cheshire that is viewed by over 560,000 people.

Seema Malhotra

A woman who followed her passion for fashion and now her dresses are worn by the A-list celebrities.

Graduating university with a fashion degree she soon went into business with her husband launching @foreveruniqueofficial a formidable couple not only in business but in life long.

Seema launches one successful launch after another, stars in the Real Housewives Of Cheshire, is a mum to two successful sons.

Tanya Bardsley

Is well known not only because she is part of the Real Housewives Of Cheshire but she is brashly honest, known for her funny remarks & face pulling!

Tanya is a mum of four and using her past experience on manifestation and spiritual positivity she opened her own @tanyabardoboutique in Wilmslow. Tanya started her company in 2013 with her life coaching book, ‘just a girl who got it all’

Using her positive thinking passion Tanya has inspired her own jewellery collection being sold in house of Fraser, candles, room fragrance.